Why should I attend Bootcamps or Expos

I have several upcoming events that require travel.  I don’t know about you, but travel can be a hassle and why go anyway?  Right?


We all work in our own little real estate investing bubble.  We keep on keeping on as they say and while what we are doing may be working well, there might be some new strategy or tool that could help us work faster and smarter.  Or there might be a HUGE shift in the industry that could revolutionize or wipe out what we are currently doing.

So you NEED to get out there from time to time and connect!

And you need to do it in two ways . . .

1.  Go out at least once or twice a month and connect with others in your area where you invest.  That might be your local REIA group or Meet Up group where you live.  And if you invest out of state, you need to connect with the group where you invest.

2.  Go out a couple of times a year and network with a HUGE EXPO or Bootcamp to connect with others in your industry from around the country.  Find out whats working in other areas, get an update on the industry, see the latest and greatest tools and services.

I attend my local REIA group, mainly some days because I am the host of the local REIA group.  But I am always glad I attended each and every meeting as I always come away with a new tool, a new idea or a connection that will be of benefit in my business OR I get the support I need when a deal is particularly challenging.  And I try to attend a local event of one of the other groups in my city at least once a month to get fresh new ideas from a different circle of influence in a setting where I am just an attendee and not the host, which is GREAT!

So I went out earlier this year for a Summit in the Note Investing Industry to satisfy my national quota.  This event put me in touch with data on the current trends in the industry and updated me on legislation changes.  What I was really grateful for was reconnecting with people I only see one or two times a year  . . . people who know a whole heck of a lot more than I do where I can grasp a few new ideas.  And I also was able to find out how quite a few other people in similar circumstances as mine have spun their business a bit differently and how I might be able to fit that into my business plan.

And now in a couple of weeks I am off to the Note Expo 2014 in Dallas.  This promises to be a huge event with 400 to 500 industry people, including people like me out the doing a deals in notes, houses, wholesales and seller financing, industry insiders who do 1000’s of deals each year, and people from all over the industry from note sellers, hedge funds, website providers, valuation services, note servicing companies, private lenders, attorneys and more.  If you have not met your quota of one or two events on the year, you have only 2 months left and maybe you should check this one out.

So what events are you planning on attending in 2015?

Kim A Tucker

Kim Tucker along with her husband Don and son Scott make up the core kcmoHomeBuyer Team that has been buying homes across the Kansas City Metro since 2000.

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