Our Market Outlook for Kansas City Real Estate Investors in 2021

One of the most important aspects of becoming a real estate investor is market analysis, which should guide how you manage your holdings. Familiarizing yourself with Kansas City and all of the factors that influence each property’s long-term value requires dedication to your business. You can achieve the security of your golden years through wise … Continued

How to Attain Financial Freedom Through Real Estate in Kansas City

Wealth! While it may seem like a secret, you can build significant wealth and long-term passive income through investing and face your retirement years with joyful anticipation of living life on your terms. Are you ready to attain financial freedom through real estate in Kansas City now?  Experts in the real estate industry spend decades … Continued

How to Know You’re Ready to Invest in Kansas City Real Estate

So you think you’re ready to start building your real estate empire? It can be exciting to begin a new business, but real estate investing is just that, a business. You and those around you must understand that much like going to college and learning a new profession. It is a significant time commitment as … Continued

Home Repair

5 Things You Should DIY and 5 You Should Leave to the Pros When Buying Kansas City Investment Properties

Saving money is a motivating force. When you’re renovating an investment property, the value of sweat equity cannot go unexamined—doing work by yourself when buying Kansas City investment properties, you can save substantially. It is essential to do your research before getting started and have everything you need on hand before jumping in. To do … Continued

Johnny Wolff on CoLiving with HomeRoom

CoLiving an Alternative Way to Invest

Remember back when having a roommate was cool. It offered a great way for 2, 3 or 4 friends to get together and be able to rent a nicer place than any one of them could afford alone. But what if you are in a new town and don’t know anyone? Or you are not so new in town, but all your friends have moved away. Do you turn to Craigslist and Facebook to find a friend?