Real Estate Investing vs Stock Market – part 1

Real Estate Investing vs Stock Market

This was a blog post from 2009 right after the crash.  And while the stock market is now flying high we all know it can come crashing down in an instant.

I received this email today from another company that offers you a place to invest your money in real estate.  It said exactly what I think many people should think about, so I am posting it here on my blog:

I spent a small portion of my week canvassing local stock brokers, financial planners, and so-called “non-conventional” financial planners (code for insurance salesmen) and the statements above are what I gleaned.  I actually approached them as a prospective client, letting them know I was “shopping” for a solid financial planner with a clear vision on how to protect and grow my money.  I asked things like “what kind of protective measures did you have in place for clients last September”? “Would you say your client portfolios are up or down on average”? “Did you ever recommend moving cash to the sidelines or give any warning”?

It turns out that not a one of the planners this guy contacted really saw the crash coming.  They all had a plan to help everyone recover.  But now, here we are in 2015, and the economists are buzzing that another crash is coming.  They all seem to be a bit iffy on the when, but they seem to be fairly certain it is coming.  I keep getting emails from different sources, not just real estate gurus telling me to be ready.

So you could look at facts like we had in 2009 – listed below or you could look at a few alternative investments.

Fact 1:           Stock market values are at a 12 year low (July 1997- Dow at 8,038.88) erasing over 9 Trillion in worldwide wealth.

Fact 2:           March 9, 2009 Dow hits 6547.05, down 53.78% from highs of October, 2007 of 14,164.53 and on the horizon?…
Fact 3:           Jobless claims reached over 6,000,000 for the first time in US history
Fact 4:           It’s time you get involved in your finances and look at your investment strategies differently than in the past. 
Investing Real Estate and Mortgage notes with a plan . . . (see some future posts)

So if you are sick of the stock market, there are other options out there, but your financial planner probably will not tell you about them.  Take a look at real estate investments:  flip houses, rental houses, apartments, strip malls, notes and more.  Join your local Real Estate Investor Association or find one online if there is not one in your area can help you explore other options.

Kim A Tucker

Kim Tucker along with her husband Don and son Scott make up the core kcmoHomeBuyer Team that has been buying homes across the Kansas City Metro since 2000.

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