Case Study: 516 SE Sherri Lane, Blue Springs, MO

Case Study from 2011:  516 Se Sherri Lane in Blue Springs. The Numbers: Purchase for $77,243.00  on the day of purchase on the courthouse steps. This home was in need of up updating for the most part:  kitchen and bath plus paint and carpet throughout.  Total repairs came to $15,091.00. Holding Costs that includes back … Continued

Case Study: 9045 Holly, Kansas City Missouri – a Rehab Project

The Numbers: Purchase for $75,000 through a title company from an investor seller.  Connected with seller on Facebook. This home was in need of a complete and total rehab including foundation repairs.  Total repairs came to about  $88,540.90 using a new contractor that was under priced, but was not very efficient.  Some work had to … Continued

Case Study: 802 SW Foxtail, Grain Valley, Mo

The Numbers: Purchase for $90,000.00 on the day of purchase on the courthouse steps. This home was fairly new and in not too terrible condition.  Best of all it was vacant, so we could start on it quickly.  We sold as repaired with the buyer requesting freshly painted interior, new flooring and some exterior repairs.  … Continued

Case Study: 304 NE Topaz, Lee’s Summit, Mo

The Numbers: Purchase for $110,000.00 on the day of purchase on the courthouse steps. This home was fairly new.  New home builder had built, sold to investor for lease to own purchase, and then were foreclosed on.  Home needed paint and carpet and we opted to change out the vinyl flooring to ceramic tile floors.  … Continued

Rehab Chronicles of 2910 W 73rd St in Prairie Village

In 2008 or so we met a new neighbor at our Lake Condo who was the person in charge of foreclosures and keeping failing loans going for as long as possible.  For most or 2009 she was getting to know us and we were getting to know her and she kept mentioning one house that … Continued

Case Study: Free and Clear in 5 Years

We have Rental Property for Sale in South Kansas City: 10106 Cambridge, Kansas City, MO And for the most part, we really want to find a cash buyer to purchase  for all cash. The home has a long term tenant who is paying $750 a month in rent and has no desire to leave and … Continued

Case Study: Non Performing 2nd Note in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Non- Performing 2nd Note Property Value:  $99,000 to $109,000 Borrower Lives in the House and is Current on the 1st Mortgage. Borrower Owes $67,600 on 1st ————————————————– Unpaid Principle Balance:  $17,275.02 Arrears (Interest):  $12,137.50 Late Charges:  $1,104.00 Loan Modified to accept $5,000 cash toward arrears and have us credit $5,000 to the arrears for … Continued

Case Study: 12713 E 62nd Ct, Kansas City, MO

This home looked great, but still needed extensive repairs:  Retaining Wall needed rebuilt, windows needed replaced, concrete needed repoured, deck needed rebuilt, kitchen needed updated and appliances, master bath needed updated, some siding needed replaced, trees needed trimmed, walls needed painted and flooring needed redone, plus all the usual renovation items. Every house has a … Continued

Case Study: 8516 W 69th Tr, Overland Park, KS

This home was an estate home.  The Heirs had been advised to renovate the home to get it ready to sell and had spent quite a bit of time making repairs but were tired of fixing things. As things go, this was an ok house to fill in between other houses in a short time … Continued

Case Study: 1241 SW Horizon Drive, Blue Springs

This has got to be one of our best deals, at least story wise. The phone rang one afternoon in late July.  The attorney who had helped the family selling us the house at 1104 SW 17th Street had another family with a similar home, strangely enough just a few blocks away and would we … Continued

Case Study: 1612 Sw 22nd St, Blue Springs

This home was a HUD listed home offered for sale for $89,910.  We made several offers around $48,000 and our highest was $49,872. Which was rejected in favor of a higher bidder.  About 2 weeks later, we were emailed by HUD and told that because we had marked our offer to be kept in the system … Continued

Case Study: 9609 E 90th Tr, Kansas City, MO

The Story:  We track newly listed and newly priced bank owned properties in MLS.  This one was listed for $63,000 for 64 days.  We made an offer and negotiated to a $50,000 sales price. If you look at before and after photos you will note this house needed a lot in renovation including foundation repairs.  … Continued

Case Study: 2910 W 73rd Tr, Prairie Village

The Numbers: Purchase for $82,000 through a local bank contact. Sold for $227,000 Paid $ 5500 of buyers closing costs Paid $13,620 in Real Estate Commisison Paid $92,000 in Renovations Approximately Paid $3,000 in Holding Costs Approximately Paid $1,000 in Settlement Fees Approximately Owned for 200 days Profit $30,000 Approximately Note exact figures are in … Continued

Case Study: 416 SE Onyx Drive, Lees Summit, MO

The Numbers: Purchase for $87,004.00 on the day of purchase on the courthouse steps. This home was very well maintained.  Kitchen needed updated, interior needed painted, and the carpet needed replaced..  But we marketed “as is” so we did virtually no repairs.  We did clean out, fix a water leak in the ice maker water … Continued