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The Best Places for a Real Estate Investor to Find the Most Profitable Deals

As a Real Estate Investor you goal is to make money from buying houses and either selling them or renting them out. To make the best profit you will want to get the lowest purchase price relative to the condition of the property and the terms you can obtain. If you are an all cash…

Top Ten Ways for a Real Estate Investor to Fund a Deal

One of the biggest questions I receive from new real estate investors after they get an idea of how they want to invest is what is the best way for me to fund my deal? When starting out most new real estate investors who have the funds might use their own funds to buy that…

Do you have Financial Friends?

Having just came off a Real Estate Investor Cruise that spent a ton of time talking about Financial Friends and putting our Self Directed IRA Money to work.  Then another two days of training at the Wealthy Code workshop analyzing deals and talking about private lending . . I have come to the realization that…

Do you buy investment properties in Overland Park Kansas?

We just closed this wholesale deal today – if you would like a nice house like this one in Overland Park, be sure to go to and sign up on our buyer’s list: