New Real Estate Investors: Where Should I Start

Totally brand new to real estate investors reach out to us wondering the best way to get started?  In today’s blog post, Kim takes a look at what we think the top Five Things the Person New to Real Estate Investing should do. I have been investing in real estate in Kansas City with a … Continued

5 Top Financing Options for Flipping Houses

Flipping houses can cost money. Here are 4 top financing options for flipping houses to help you get started. Use one, some, or all of these financing options to acquire all the investment properties you want to flip! If you’re thinking about investing in real estate, you have several options… you can rent, rent-to-own, wholesale, … Continued

Investing in Real Estate with your IRA

Do you have a IRA or a 401(k)?  Did you know you could use it to invest in real estate? Let me share a few examples. Option Flip:  This is where you find a motivated seller who needs to sell.  You agree on a price that you know that you can purchase the house and … Continued

Kansas City Investment Property

We get a lot of calls from people wanting to know how to find great Kansas City Investment Property to either fix and flip or for buy and hold.  There are several things you can do to get to these properties, it all depends on your time and money you want to spend. 1.  Hard … Continued

Real Estate Gurus or Local Durus, which is better?

You saw the huge ads from the real estate guru in the paper every day or stalking you all over the internet for a week, you attended the FREE hour sales pitch to sell the week end event.  They hook you at the under $500 event to buy even more training.  You have seen them. … Continued

Finding Real Estate Deals – For the Real Estate Investor

As a Real Estate Investor you goal is to make money from buying houses and either selling them or renting them out. To make the best profit you will want to get the lowest purchase price relative to the condition of the property and the terms you can obtain. Your goal is Finding Real Estate … Continued

Real Estate Investing vs Stock Market – Part 3

Real Estate Investing vs Stock Market As a reminder we are revisiting a series of articles written in 2009 at the low of the great recession and what many people were looking at in their stock market accounts. We have determined that if you started today (in 2009) and earned the average rate of return … Continued

What is your Investment Plan?

I get calls quite often from investors wanting to know if something is a “good deal”! I would really like to respond – “How the heck would I know?” Others call and ask if I could find the a “good deal” – see response above. Unless YOU know what your plan is and can explain … Continued

Top Nine Reasons to Invest in Kansas City

Top Nine Reasons to Invest in Kansas City Real Estate “Kansas City, Mo., is increasingly becoming a national hub for entrepreneurs,” said Pete Fullerton, president and CEO of the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City. But is it a good place for real estate investors to park their money? Well we would like to think … Continued