Generating Seller Leads Via SEO

I saw this post on one of the learn how to wholesale one Facebook post at a time groups about wholesaling “Hey guys, I been trying to wholesale for about a year now and still haven’t got a deal. I’m close to giving up, i don’t know what I am doing wrong??? I quit my … Continued

Case Study: 521 SE Richardson Place, Lees Summit

The Numbers: Purchase for $191,219.00 on the day of purchase on the courthouse steps. This home needed extensive landscaping, deck repairs, siding repairs, new roof, and interior paint and carpet.  Interior was quite livable, although dated.  We offered for sale as repaired for $125,000 and sold for $135,000 with us making siding repairs and replacing … Continued

Kansas City Investment Property

We get a lot of calls from people wanting to know how to find great Kansas City Investment Property to either fix and flip or for buy and hold.  There are several things you can do to get to these properties, it all depends on your time and money you want to spend. 1.  Hard … Continued

Real Estate Investing vs Stock Market – Part 3

Real Estate Investing vs Stock Market As a reminder we are revisiting a series of articles written in 2009 at the low of the great recession and what many people were looking at in their stock market accounts. We have determined that if you started today (in 2009) and earned the average rate of return … Continued

Real Estate Investing vs Stock Market – Part 2

Real Estate Investing vs Stock Market – Part 2 Yesterday we took a look at an email I received (during the crash) from a commercial investing company that wanted you to invest your money with them and I wanted to look at it further and include some ideas I picked up from a speaker at … Continued