Dough for a Day

You may have heard the term Dough for a Day or transactional funding. You see the days of the double close without any money in the deal seems to be going away.  So if you are a wholesale seller who gets a property under contract, goes out and finds a buyer and then funds your … Continued

Tips on Buying Kansas City Real Estate with your IRA

While most people understand that real estate is an investment, many people are taking advantage of the qualified retirement accounts to purchase real estate as an appreciating or revenue-generating instrument like IRAs. It’s really important to understand the tax implications, legal ramifications, and various other intricacies of purchasing Kansas City real estate within your IRA. So, lets dive … Continued

Old Real Estate Dogs know some Awesome Tax FREE Income Tricks

Don and I just returned from a 5 day IRA Fun Cruise with 150 of the country’s top real estate and note investors who are almost all experts in utilizing their Self Directed IRA.  We came back exhausted because our Cruise Directors Walter Wofford and Quincy Long packed in more training into those few days … Continued

Investing in Real Estate with your IRA

Do you have a IRA or a 401(k)?  Did you know you could use it to invest in real estate? Let me share a few examples. Option Flip:  This is where you find a motivated seller who needs to sell.  You agree on a price that you know that you can purchase the house and … Continued

Financial Friends in Real Estate Investing

Having just came off a Real Estate Investor Cruise that spent a ton of time talking about Financial Friends and putting our Self Directed IRA Money to work.  Then another two days of training at the Wealthy Code workshop analyzing deals and talking about private lending . . I have come to the realization that … Continued

Become a Successful Real Estate Investor

As a wholesaler, we get a lot of calls from newbie investors who just are not real sure where to get started.  As we want to help the new investors become successful investors who will be working with us for years to come I wanted to include some basic instruction on how to get started. … Continued

Funding Your Deals and Health Insurance

We often talk about using your Self Directed IRA for funding your deals or borrowing from someone else’s Self Directed IRA.  But you can also have a Health Savings Account that can pay many of the health insurance costs with great tax benefits and in between times, you could flip a house or two a … Continued

CESA – a New Tool For Your Real Estate Investor Tool Box

Last week I attended the northland monthly meeting of Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors and came away with a new tool in my tool box for finding potential private money for my real estate investments:  Education Savings Plans I can talk to people who could be a potential private lender, but they may not … Continued