Note for Sale: Seasoned Re-Performing 2nd Florida For Sale

Reperforming 2nd Mortgage, Secured by Home in Hollywood Florida. Would like to sell part of this note.

Note for sale, secured by single family home Hollywood Florida.  Note was acquired as a non-performing note and brought current and modified 09/2014.  Borrower was on fixed income with any debts, not much to work with.  However Borrower has since completed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, never missing a payment, and has reduced her debt considerably.  At Modification we deferred $40,525.55 in Principle that is not being paid on or charged interest as well as $4,934.65 in arrears that were deferred.  Both are due at maturity.  Asset estimate of value $193,000 per borrower on Bankruptcy Filing.

Asset:                                           Performing Note

Lien Position:                             2nd Position

Location:                                     Hollywood Florida

House Value:                             Estimated $193,000

Sr Lien Status:                           Current as of January 2016

Sr Lien Balance:                        $97,247 per BK Filing in January

Original Balance:                       $50,000 (at modification)

Interest Rate:                               1 %

Amortized:                                    420 Months

Payments Remaining:                 396

Monthly Payment:                        $141.14

Unpaid Principle Balance:         $47,589.55

Deferred Principle:                       $40,525.55 due at maturity

Deferred Arrears:                         $4,934.65 due at maturity

Note Matures:                                08/01/2049

If the borrower were to pay this loan off tomorrow, the total due would be $93,049.75.

Will Sell Partial on this Note

120 Payments:  $9,837.73

180 Payments:  $11,760.26

240 Payments:  $12,818.51

Hollywood, Florida
For Sale
Property Type:

Additional Features

The asset securing the Re-Performing 2nd Mortgage is a Home in Hollywood Florida.

Call 913-735-0018 for more details

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