New Real Estate Investors: Where Should I Start

Totally brand new to real estate investors reach out to us wondering the best way to get started?  In today’s blog post, Kim takes a look at what we think the top Five Things the Person New to Real Estate Investing should do. I have been investing in real estate in Kansas City with a … Continued

Case Study: 521 SE Richardson Place, Lees Summit

The Numbers: Purchase for $191,219.00 on the day of purchase on the courthouse steps. This home needed extensive landscaping, deck repairs, siding repairs, new roof, and interior paint and carpet.  Interior was quite livable, although dated.  We offered for sale as repaired for $125,000 and sold for $135,000 with us making siding repairs and replacing … Continued

Case Study: 516 SE Sherri Lane, Blue Springs, MO

Case Study from 2011:  516 Se Sherri Lane in Blue Springs. The Numbers: Purchase for $77,243.00  on the day of purchase on the courthouse steps. This home was in need of up updating for the most part:  kitchen and bath plus paint and carpet throughout.  Total repairs came to $15,091.00. Holding Costs that includes back … Continued

Dough for a Day

You may have heard the term Dough for a Day or transactional funding. You see the days of the double close without any money in the deal seems to be going away.  So if you are a wholesale seller who gets a property under contract, goes out and finds a buyer and then funds your … Continued

How To Profit From House Flipping In Kansas City

Flipping properties is an excellent way to make additional income in Kansas City. By knowing a few tricks, you too will be able to profit from house flipping! Learn more about how to do it in our latest post! Flipping houses was all the rage a few short years ago. Savvy investors who weren’t afraid … Continued

Benefits of Paying Cash vs. Financing a Kansas City House

If you are able to use cash to buy a house, you will likely find that buying this way offers many benefits for investors! In our latest post, we will explain how paying cash vs. financing a Kansas City house can benefit you! Paying for a Kansas City house using cash might seem like a … Continued

Benefits of Working With A Wholesaler in Kansas City

Are you an investor in the Kansas City area? is here to help you buy or sell real estate at an excellent price! Learn more about the benefits of working with a wholesaler in our latest post! As a real estate investor in Kansas City, it is important to have a reliable property wholesaler … Continued

Top Tools For Real Estate Investors in Kansas & Missouri

In a time where real estate investment is hotter than ever before, there are a number of great tools designed to help people make smart investment decisions. We discuss some of our favorites in our latest post! As investors ourselves, we often come across many tools out there with the ability to give you an edge. … Continued

5 Top Financing Options for Flipping Houses

Flipping houses can cost money. Here are 4 top financing options for flipping houses to help you get started. Use one, some, or all of these financing options to acquire all the investment properties you want to flip! If you’re thinking about investing in real estate, you have several options… you can rent, rent-to-own, wholesale, … Continued

4 Advantages of Flipping over Holding in Kansas City

Are you looking to flip real estate? Maybe you’re wondering if it’s better to hold real estate instead. In this blog post you’ll read about the 4 advantages of flipping over holding in Kansas City… Are you thinking about investing in real estate? If so, perhaps you’re weighing your options and wondering if wholesaling, renting, … Continued